Generally speaking, the laws in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and State of Ohio say you and your employer may terminate the employee/employer relationship “at-will.” What this means in terms of your job rights is you can be fired from your job at any time and without notice for a good reason, a bad reason, or even a morally indefensible reason as long as your employer does not fire you for an illegal reason. Illegal reasons include losing your job because of Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, because you have taken a protected Leave of Absence, because you are a Whistleblower, and because you have asserted your rights under Wage and Hour laws. These reasons, however, are not the only illegal reasons.

Additionally, it is generally illegal for your employer to terminate your employment in violation of public policy, in violation of any contract you can prove exists concerning duration-of-employment or “for cause” provisions, or in violation of rights provided to public employees.

Before examining whether or not your employment rights have been violated, it is very important to review how your employer has attempted to categorize you. Are you even an employee? Are you an independent contractor? Has your employer categorized you in order to avoid certain obligations under Wage and Hour laws or to avoid providing you Workers Compensation benefits?

If you have concerns that your employment has been illegally terminated, or if you have questions about your status at work, please contact our firm. In many instances there are strict time limitations for asserting your employment rights.

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