“I didn’t ask for this!”
“I just want to go to work and do my job!”
“Can you make it stop?”

These are just some of the questions and frustrations we hear from our clients who have been the victim of illegal harassment at work. Unfortunately, most “harassment” you may experience on the job is not protected by local, state, or federal law. It is only when you experience harassment based on protected characteristics that the court room door opens. Sexual or gender-based harassment, pregnancy-based harassment, religious harassment, racial harassment, disability-related harassment, and age-related harassment are the most common instances where civil justice may be available.

But fitting into a protected characteristic is only the beginning of your case. Who is your harasser? Have you properly reported the harassing behavior? Did your employer properly respond to your complaint? Has a tangible job action been taken against you as a result of the harassment? Is the harassing behavior severe and pervasive? How have I been injured or affected by the harassment? These are many of the questions that must be resolved in order to seek justice resulting from illegal workplace harassment.

You should not have to experience illegal harassment at work. It is against the law. It is imperative that you seek guidance from an experienced attorney who can handle the many issues that commonly arise in harassment cases. If you believe you have been the victim of unlawful harassment in the workplace contact our offices now. In many instances there are strict time limitations for asserting your civil rights.

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