Dependency, Neglect and Abuse are cases that involve a wide array of issues concerning the protection of children and the rights of the parents. These types of cases are brought by the Commonwealth of Kentucky with the intent of ensuring that children are protected. Pete Roush has handled thousands of these type of civil actions. He is experienced and trained to handle both the issues facing the children and the needs of the parents.

Dependency is a civil action basically insisting that the family is in need of assistance or services under no fault of their own. These would be based on the family’s inability to obtain housing, shelter, food or other necessity under no fault of their own. If you are charged in a dependency action, you have rights. You need an attorney who understands this niche of the law and is experienced in these matters. Pete Roush is that attorney.

Neglect and Abuse are civil actions brought by the state that involve intentional acts by the parent that could place the child in harms way. This would include drug use, physical or sexual abuse, truancy problems, or any other intentional act. If you are facing such a legal situation you have the right to have an attorney represent your interests. Pete Roush has handled thousands of these actions as the Chief Juvenile Prosecutor for Kenton County, as an appointed attorney and in his private capacity. He has the knowledge and experience to ensure your rights are protected. Don’t let the state dictate what will happen to you or your children.

If you are charged with Dependency, Neglect or Abuse, the law firm of Roush & Stilz, has represented thousands of parents and children. We will ensure that your rights and your children’s rights will be upheld. Having an attorney with experience in this type of litigation is imperative to your successful defense.

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