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If you have been injured on the job, in most cases, your only opportunity to be compensated for the wage loss and medical expenses you incur will be through the state workers’ compensation system.


Work injuries can occur in any industry. While injuries are commonly suffered by employees in the manufacturing, construction, mining, chemical industries, and other labor intensive industries they can also occur in the office setting. The attorneys at Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. regularly handle claims involving back, arm, leg, hand, neck, head, spine injuries, and injuries resulting from exposure to harmful chemicals, gases or pollutants.


Workers’ compensation laws were enacted in Ohio and Kentucky years ago to provide what was supposed to be a quick and inexpensive avenue to compensate workers injured while providing services for their employers. It is a “no-fault”-based system. In most cases, you may seek compensation even if you were responsible for your injuries. However, because you do not have to prove fault on behalf of your employer, you are not fully compensated for your loss. Wage loss benefits which may be available to you while you are out recovering from a work injury are paid at a rate of only 2/3 of your average weekly wage and capped at a state maximum. Permanent income benefits resulting from either a partial or permanent disability may also be available, but are calculated under a statutory mathematical formula. Medical benefits are paid directly to your medical care provider at a statutory rate. You are not compensated for your pain and suffering.


Additionally, disputes which arise in workers’ compensation cases are not tried to a jury of your peers. In Kentucky, your case is tried before an Administrative Law Judge. This is a person appointed by the governor to serve for a specific term.


Nevertheless, if workers’ compensation benefits are available you should pursue them. Most health insurance plans do not cover treatment for work related injuries and if you do not secure workers’ compensation benefits you will be responsible for paying your own medical expenses. The income benefits available will not replace the wages you have lost, but should help offset some of the financial strain that accompanies time off from work.



Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. attorney Kash Stilz has almost ten years experience representing injured workers and can resolve issues you may have with the workers’ compensation system including:


  • Denial of medical treatment
  • Denial of temporary disability lost wage benefits
  • Denial of total or partial permanent disability lost wage benefits
  • Pursuing third-party lawsuits against contractors or subcontractors
  • Obtaining death benefits for family members of injured workers
  • Vocational retraining


If you have questions concerning your right to workers’ compensation please contact our firm. The attorneys at Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. strive to make sure their clients receive every benefit to which they are entitled.