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“Personal Injury” is an extremely insufficient term used to describe what happens when someone gets seriously hurt as the result of another’s carelessness. And it certainly does not adequately describe the inevitable physical and emotional pain, financial burden, and strain on the family that accompanies the situation when a serious injury occurs. In most cases, suffering a serious injury as a result of another’s conduct is a life altering event.

The law demands that we take appropriate care in our life, profession, or business to see that we do not injure one another. Car and truck drivers must operate their vehicles in a careful and safe manner. Attorneys, physicians, and other professionals must practice in a manner consistent with professional standards of care.

Manufacturers must provide products that are safe according to certain standards. Land owners must take the appropriate steps to ensure their property is safe for a particular use. Government officials, such as the police and jail officials, must not violate our constitutional rights concerning cruel and unusual punishment or due process.

How Our Attorneys can Help

The attorneys at Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. provide comprehensive and experienced representation to individuals who have been injured as the result of:

Car Collisions

Truck/Semi/Tractor Trailer Collisions

Motorcycle Collisions

Medical Malpractice

Defective or Unsafe Products (Product Liability)

Premises Liability

Assault and Battery

Police/Jail Brutality/Excessive Force

Compensation for Personal Injuries

If you have suffered an injury as a result of any of these reasons you may be entitled to compensation including recoupment of past, present, and future lost wages; medical expenses; pain and suffering; loss of your power to earn money; permanent disfigurement; and in some cases punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

You have rights. Do not be afraid to exercise them. The insurance industry and big business work hard to minimize their liability, minimize your injuries, and minimize your right to compensation. You need an attorney experienced in handling the devious tactics and frivolous defenses thrown at individuals who seek access to civil justice.

Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. attorney Kash Stilz is a member of the Kentucky Justice Association, Ohio Association for Justice, and the American Association for Justice, groups dedicated to ensuring the rights of the injured are protected and dispelling the myths about the civil justice system generated by the insurance industry and big business who try to close the courthouse doors for those who have been injured.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Covington

If you have questions concerning your right to compensation please contact our firm. The attorneys at Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. fight zealously for their clients in Ohio and Kentucky to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

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