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Our jobs are our livelihood. The work we perform for our employers puts food on the table, clothes on our back, medicine in the cabinet, and a roof over our head. Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. attorney Kash Stilz fights to ensure that when his clients lose their job due to the illegal actions of their employer they do not also lose their livelihood.
Our state and federal laws concerning the classification, rights, and responsibilities of workers is a complex network and maze that is constantly changing and should never be navigated without the help of an experienced attorney. Roush & Stilz, P.S.C. attorney Kash Stilz has handled a variety of workers’ rights cases in both state and federal courts in Kentucky and Ohio. Additionally, Kash only handles cases on behalf of individuals. He does not represent the insurance industry or big business.
If your Employment and Labor question or issue involves any of the following topics please contact our firm. We can help.
At-Will Employment– If you have lost your job for reasons other than misconduct the “at-will” rule is usually the first hurdle you face in seeking compensation for your job loss. To find out if you have access to justice as a result of a job loss that did not result from misconduct contact our office. Find out more by following the link provided.
Discrimination– State and federal law protects individuals from discrimination in the workplace when the discrimination is related to “protected characteristics.” These protected characteristics include gender, race, color, national origin, religious belief and affiliation, age, pregnancy, and disability. If you believe you have been discriminated against by your employer because of a protected characteristic, contact our office immediately. Find out more by following the link provided.
Harassment – State and federal law also protects individuals from harassment in the workplace based upon the same protected characteristics. If you have been harassed at work because of a protected characteristic it is important you contact our office as soon as possible. Find out more by following the link provided.
Retaliation – If you engage in “protected activity” and your employer takes action against you because of your involvement your employer may have retaliated against you in violation of state and federal law. If you have been retaliated against because of your involvement in protected activity contact our office. Find out more by following the link provided.
Wage and Hour – Your employer must comply with state and federal law concerning the wages you are paid, any overtime you are forced to work, and in some cases breaks you must be afforded. Additionally, issues often arise when you are misclassified by your employer. If your employer owes you unpaid wages please contact our office immediately. Find out more by following the link provided.
Leaves of Absence – In some instances you have the right to take time off of work without your employer using your absence from work against you in a decision affecting your employment. If your employer has made an employment decision about you because you requested or took a protected leave of absence you should contact our office. Find out more by following the link provided.
Whistleblower  – In specific cases, when you report your employer for violating the law or misusing state or federal funds, and your employer takes action against you, you may qualify for protection as a whistleblower. If this has happened to you, do not wait, please contact our office. Find out more by following the link provided.
Non-compete Agreements – If you signed a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement with a past employer and you are seeking new employment it is imperative that you contact our office before you accept your new position. Find out more by following the link provided.
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